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Jan 12, 2014
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So let`s get the party started. This Story is about the 34-year old Gastón Pellegrini from Chile- The unexperienced Manager take over the hot seat in Andalusia, Malaga and will try to become a legend at andalusia Side. I hope the new manager (FM 2017) give me a little bit more too cheer about then in 2016.

So now is nothing more to say, let the Journey begin.
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The accent should be on the "o" rather than on the "a", as the emphasis is on the the second syllable (it would be pronounced as Gas-tohn) and accents in Spanish are used to show the emphasis on pronunciation.

Other than that I wish you good luck and I'll be checking every now and then how things turn out around here (can't help it, I have Andalusian blood myself).
Thx to canry and Zlatan Lumic. I will do my best and hope that i can strenghten the squad to reach a good position this year. I bet for Martin Caceres because he is without contract but his wages are not to handle. Maybe today i'll post the next part!
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