Jun 22, 2009
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Hi all!

I suggest starting a new network game. It will Super League with the best clubs of East Europe.

GAZPROM Super League


All clubs will to have equal terms: reputation, training, youth facilities, attendances, etc.
Weaker clubs will to have more money.
Thus, all clubs will be equal and everything will depend only on your skills.

You can take any club from countries of East Europe (time of draw I will tell later).

Gazprom League - high div, 16 clubs in 2 rounds. It is closed league.
East Europe League - cup.
The best clubs from Gazprom League will play in EuroCups.

Game days:
Monday and Thursday (19:30-23:00 CMT) (reserve day is Friday).

All communication in Skype group.
Need to add me in Skype: bsanchezb1
or Steam: bsanchezb

Attention!!! Between matches all players will be kicked from the server. This is to speed up the game.
Only regular players!!!
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1. General

1.1. The netgame is played on the last patch Football Manager 2013.
1.2. Save for the network created by the base edited in the official editor for FM 2013.
1.3. For control participants are given 16 clubs from East Europe.
1.4. Admin has the right to remove members from the game on your own.
1.5. Admin of netgame is bsanchezb.
1.6. Distribution managers at clubs carried out according to their wishes. In the case where one club has more than one candidate, a draw.
1.7. For game you need to put in Steam Region for load is Russia Central. (settings - Load+Cloud - Region for load)

2. Game days

2.1. Netgame runs weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays.
2.2. Netgame time from 19:30 to 23:00 CET (GMT+1).
2.3. Gathering of participants in the game day takes place in the specially Skype chat.
2.4. For the systematic absence on game days the member can be removed from the leadership of the club.

3. Gameplay

3.1. Server gives a special command in the chat permission to enter in the game.
3.2. Immediately after created the new manager's profile, participants are required to set the parameters for your virtual assistant:
- leads the team in friendly games;
- attend all press conferences.
3.3. Between matches all players will be kicked from the server. This is to speed up the game (except for transfer days).
3.4. To avoid bugs is strictly forbidden to enter the games of other managers, if it has already started. If your team has window in the calendar and you want to see someone's game, you have to pre-mark it on the calendar to view match.

4. Transfers

4.1. Prohibited from buying players and staff of the teams of the Gazprom League, if they currently have not manager.
4.2. It is forbidden to enter into contracts and negotiate with players, coaches, scouts and doctors clubs managed by other network members without prior approval from the manager of the club. This is not for players with expiring contracts, ie 6 months prior to the expiration of the player's contract you have the right to negotiate with him, without the consent of the current manager of the club.
4.3. Transfers in installments allowed.
4.4. Purchase of regens allowed.
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Clubs of Gazprom League:

View attachment 327923Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) - bsanchezb
View attachment 327924Dinamo Bucarest (Romania) - Manta Silviu (tdani5)
View attachment 327925Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine) - tommys louca (tommys005)
View attachment 327926Hajduk (Croatia) - Mateusz Szala (szalyk)
View attachment 327927Kayrat (Kazakhstan) - Ерлан Умиров (kay983)
View attachment 327928Lech (Poland) - Bradley Smith (bradleysmithfifa)
View attachment 327930Metallist (Ukraine) - thanos trai (trai12)
View attachment 327938Rubin Kazan (Russia) - Gökhan Yıldırım (vessamir)
View attachment 327945FC Sarajevo (Bosnia) - zafer ateş (weng1978)
View attachment 327947Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) - ryan brebner (chelsea1901)
View attachment 327951Slask (Poland) - Mateusz Sobiecki (schutters123)
View attachment 327952Zenit St.Peterburg (Russia) - Ερμης Γ (ermanias)
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Hajduk Split is free!!! (20m in transfer balance)
If you want to join, add me in Skype: bsanchezb1 or Steam: bsanchezb

Today transfers!!! First game day at 20:00 CET
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Hi - I am trying to set up a network game using a custom edited database in Editor 2013 - do you have to do anything special to allow others to see your database. When others join my game, they cannot see the new teams and league I created.
Would appreciate any advice you can give me?