Mar 15, 2010
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Has anyone had their son generated in the game? If so, is he good or does he have high potential?
I saw a few guys sharing the progress of their son, on the SI forum. Some were good, some bad.
What do people mean by this? How do you generate a son?
Think you have to be at the club 10 years before a son is generated?
The time frame changes - You have to have played for at least 10 seasons. I haven't seen my son come up yet but I eagerly anticipate him coming through my youth ranks at Wrexham.
Am i right in saying he only gets generated in classic mode and not full game mode?

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classic mode is the only one i have ever come across it in so far (in fm2012) I haven;t played long enough in one save to experience it on fm13 yet.
In the classic mode yes, not full game. It's when you have a player you have brought to the club retire after 10 years at that club. I'm close to it on my game!