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Genie Scout - weird ratings


Jul 16, 2012
Hello lads!

Im one of those people who uses Genie Scout and ever since the new update ive noticed that the "Best Rating %" and the "Best Pot Rating %" has changed quite dramatically for a lot of players.

Has anyone else noticed this? A player like Pontus Jansson, who used to have 77% rating with a pot rating of 80% now has a healthy 85% rating. 85% rating used to mean that the player is absolute top class. Griezmann, for reference, used to have 88%-89%. Now Griezmann has 94%, which was a number only Messi had in the earlier versions.

Is this a new rating system for Genie? Player ratings % usually has been quite consistent over the past FM games (Jansson has in FM18 and Fm19 has had about the same rating % but now he hasnt)
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