German National Team (not this isn't about greyed out players!)


May 17, 2009
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Okay, third season in. Three successful seasons with HSV, won the Bundesliga twice, won DFB-Pokal once, and runner up. And got to the semi in the Champions League. My reputation is at World Class; Joachim Low steps down as Germany's manager. Now here is the problem...

I'm always overlooked! Every single time. No matter what I win, no matter what my reputation, I've never managed to be Germany's manager. And I've been playing the FM series for a long time now. In 2009 I had managed FC Bayern, AC Milan and Barcelona, winning all the major cups with them but still no success.

After The Netherlands failed to qualify for Euro 2012, I did however get a Job offer from them. I can even apply to manage Japan and get a job offer. So I doubt it's anything to do with the Inc files.

My question is, has anyone ever managed Germany by applying for the job?
Iv gotten it before. What nationality are you in game? I can never get the England Job if im Irish...May have something to do with International Rivalries... It may not be true but iv never had sucess with getting a job from rival nations.
I'm playing as German in game. How many seasons in were you before you got it?