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Germany, Japan national teams and Brazilian league teams licensing issue


Oct 27, 2011

I'm in the middle of a save and I reported an issue on the SI forum about the game freezing on the social feed page since the patch 17.2. In order to try and fix this issue, the mods asked me to delete the cache folder, delete my preferences folder and verify the cache on steam.

Before starting the game a few weeks ago, I deleted the files blocking the national Germany and Japan teams, the 3 letters for the Brazilian teams and added a real name fix downloaded on FM Scout.

As you probably understand, those files came back when I followed the mods demands and all the previous teams mentionned are greyed again and the 3 letters for the Brazilian league teams too. I deleted them, recharged the theme in the preferences page but it doesn't seem to go back to like it was.

Is there a way to fix that IN MY ACTUAL save (knowing that I started it without these files, so with the real teams names and players) or does it mean that this save is screwed?

I hope not, because I'll be very upset to "throw" this successful save, especially because this "social feed screen" freezing when pressing continue has not been fixed on top of that...