Feb 6, 2011
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Hi i´m new in Football Manager so i have some questions to do. Firstly, i dont know what happens if they fire me from my club (Manchester City) because im getting bad results. Its easy to get a new job or i have to wait a long term until a new offer comes? Also i was wondering if i can return to manchester city in case they sack me. If i obtain good results in other club, there is the possibility to return to the citizens?
I chose only England, the Barclays PL and the npower championship. I was trying to buy some players from south americans teams such Estudiantes de La Plata but the only original player that i can see in that club is Juan Sebastian Veron. I guess that i cant buy other players because i didnt select argentina, right?
Finishing, i would like to ask if it is hard to get an offer from a national team. Thanks
It all depends on the manager's reputation. If you start with rep. of International footballer you will get clubs easily but if you start with automatic(no football exp.) you normally don't get a club if you start unemployed. If you start with some team and get good results,your rep increases. When your rep. increases to Continental level,you can try applying at jobs of vacant national teams(who have enough players on database to fill the squad) and see if they offer you job. I normally start with automatic rep. at some PL club and within 2-3 seasons,i get some good national job and normally after some time,ENGLAND manager because i normally win titles with my team within season 1 or 2(not with teams like Chelsea,city etc).

Perform good and your board will keep you. You can also ask for MORE TIME @ board room.

Visibibality of players depend on leagues you have selected. Normally the best players of the teams are shown if you didn't select the league of that team(also the regens :D)...

I hope it help you!!