Aug 24, 2012
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On fm12 I managed to get a new stadium with ease after winning the champions league and the league consistently. Im playing with FC Porto I sell out my home ground every game, which is just over 51,000, I also have over 100 million in the bank, but the board just turn me down every time I ask. I'm in 2018 and a legend at the club if that makes a difference.
The board believes that the economic potential isn't high enough. Let's say that you build a new stadium with 60.000 capacity but only fill out 53.000 places. The money aren't earned in. Wait a few years and further increase your reputation and get Chinese, American or Japanese feeder clubs to increase rep and merchandise.
I have all feeder clubs in all three countries and am the 4th most reputable club in the world behind Real, Barca and united
I have same problem mate I'm in 2029 just won league with st Neots fill my ground every game(its only got 12,500 capacity) have rich finances but they keep turning me down its a proper pain in the **** as its stopping me making money
Yeah, I need to get a 60/70k stadium in order to balance the books, all the money I make is by selling my best players each year for huge money
population is a major factor you got to take into account, being in a country with a low population will decrease the chance to get a new stadium, look at Brazil it's got a massive population and there clubs have a very good stadium capacity and i don't think Portugal has a high population compare to other country's.
10.77 million people currently in Portugal, do you know if the population ever grows/decreases in game?