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Nov 6, 2009
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As utterly mad as this is im really struggling to get David Villa to play well, his stats are well the best in the game for a striker im playing him as a poacher with target man supply set to run onto ball, i also have the likes of Xavi and Iniesta supplying him yet hes been awful, cant finish, cant control the ball, has average ratings anywhere between 5.5 and 6.5 every game and im constantly having to substitute him for being useless and end up playing Messi as a striker.

Can someone help? is he not best used as a poacher? is the supply wrong? im so confused because he really should be banging them in but hes been absolutely terrible.
I played him as poacher as well and scored 58 goals in La Liga only.
In Total 72 goals with CL.
you need help to score with david villa oO)
Ok, even tho this is unreal ( i really cant belive), here is a tip:
Just let him play.
I played him as a poacher, but he was my only centre forward. He scored 40 goals in 34 matches in the league
So basically my games just being a git then? seeing as im using him like everyone else and hes just not up to it for whatever reason? id understand if i was playing him as a sweeper or something but obviously for whatever reason its just not working out.

Am at the point now where im going to sell him and sign Tevez, got 64 goals in 1 seasons out of Tevez in my Man City save so thats one striker thats works for me.....

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Looks like i was a bit quick to write him off, just bagged a brace and now has 5 in 7 for the season.
Play him as a Poacher. He'll score lots of goals.

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