Feb 26, 2009
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Hi how can i get my team have more shots at goal my team dominate possesion but always pass instead of smashing it
Go on each players individual advanced tab on the tactics page and turn the desired players Long Shots up?
wow, you are having the exact opposite problem that most people on FM base have.
i wish they would just shoot in stead of passing all the time
... but problem is the long-shot `issue`: when adjusting the buttons to long shots the players tend to shoot hysterically on sight - with the result of more than 80 % shots beyond target. And with target I mean not successful goals, I mean just the goal box or the post :mad:

I am trying hard for myself to get my squad shoot more often from adequate distances, say from the border of the box right on sight to the goal. But no way ! In this positions they rarely shoot - instead they try stupidly hard to shoot from idotic blind spots :O