Getting Newcastle into Toon ~ Guide to Managing the Magpies (13.3)


Jul 13, 2012
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Guide to Managing:

Newcastle United


Club Information:

Newcastle United

The Magpies
Toon Army


Barclays Premier League

Last Season's Position:


Chairman (Status):
Mike Ashley (Happy to stay at the club)

Sunderland (Fierce)

Tyne & Wear Derby (Sunderland)
Tyne-Tees Derby (Middlesbrough)


Avg. Ticket Price:

Avg. Season Ticket Price:

Season Ticker Holders:

Continental Competition:
Europa League

Squad Personality:
Very Determined

Captain (Vice Captain):
Coloccini (Cabaye)

Training: Top
Youth: Good
Junior Coaching: Average
Youth Recruitment: Above Average

Stadium (Capacity):
St. James Park (52,405)



Board Expectations:

The minimum aim the board offers you is to get a top half finish, with a £3m transfer budget and £85k per week.
However, for a Europa league spot, you can get an extra £200k in your transfer budget, or for a top 4 finish, a further £300k and £25k extra per week in wages.

Since there isn't much of a difference between the highest and lowest aims, the safe bet is to go for a top half finish.

However, since a top 4 spot is easily manageable, I went for the highest aim in order to get the extra money to spend. You need to make a decision depending on what you think your ability is and your long-term plan.

On top of this, the board expect you to play attacking football and sign young players for the team. But you probably are not going to lose your job if you don't stick to this, as long as you achieve in the results!


The Squad:


The team has several fantastic players, making an excellent basis for a title-winning team. However, several key positions are lacking, and in general you lack alot of depth. If a few players were to get injuries, you could find yourself in alot of trouble!

(All Players in Order from Best to Worst)(See Below this Post for analysis of each player!)

  • Tim Krul
  • Steve Harper
  • Rob Elliot

  • Santon
  • Debuchy
  • R. Taylor
  • Haidara
  • Simpson
  • Perch
  • Coloccini
  • Yanga-MBiwa
  • S. Taylor
  • Williamson
Central Midfielders:
  • Tiote
  • Anita
  • Cabaye
  • Gosling
  • Sissoko
Central Attacking Midfielders:
  • Ben Arfa
  • Obertan
  • Marveaux
  • Gutierrez
  • Cisse
  • Gouffran
  • Shola Ameobi
Promising Youngsters:
  • Adam Campbell (ST)
  • Haidara (LB)
  • Bigirama (CM)
  • Remie Streete (CB)
  • Vuckic (AMC)
  • Fergeson (LW)
  • Ameobi (ST)


Newcastle have some good passers of the ball, along with several fast players and good dribblers. The board want attacking football, and luckily that is what the squad is suited to.
Based on the current players, the standard 4-2-3-1 is your best bet. However, a 4-4-2, or 4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow Diamond) could also be used to great effect.

If you prefer to download tactics, then these tactics all look good:
(Not used any of them myself so don't blame me if they don't work! :p)

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TBH´s Set of 3 different 4231/451´s - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats



As I have mentioned, apart from a couple of positions you have a strong first team already. However, after the first teamers, there are not many backup or rotation options that are good enough. So this should be your priority!

Positions that need strengthening:

Although Coloccini is a fantastic CB, Taylor and Yanga-Mbiwa aren't as good. Although both are still decent, you will need to either get a backup to them, or a first teamer and make them the backups.

Left AND Right Winger:
You don't really have any quality wingers, unless you plan to play Ben Arfa there (Although I strongly recommend you play him through the middle)

Backup LB:
Santon has the potential to become world-class, but he does have a tendency to pick up a small injury every now and then. With the only other natural LB being the young Haidara, you desperately need to snap someone up to be Santon's deputy. Although you have more depth at RB, you should try to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by getting someone who can play both.

Backup CM:
Yet again, you have quality in Cabaye, Tiote and Anita. But since only the former is a creative player, you need at least one player to allow him a rest without taking away the heart of your team.
Backup AMC: You actually have a few players for this position, but only the fantastic Ben Arfa and the not-so Sissoko are good enough. Another player should give you room to allow Ben Arfa onto the wing when you need to.

Backup/First choice ST:
One player. That is how many you have to play here that are actually good enough to help propel your team up the table. And seen as most by the most important position in the team, that is no where near good enough.
Although Gouffran can provide a decent option from the bench with his pace, he is never going to be starting. As well as him, you have the young Adam Campbell, but again he is nowhere near first team standard for a couple of seasons at least.
If you plan to play with alone striker, a good backup should do. But if you plan to play with 2 or more, you will need another first teamer aswell!


Following on from what I said above, these are some players I would reccomend buying in order to improve your team:
Suggested Transfers:

Kjaer & Okores (£2.5-£3.5M) are always good, cheap options. Although after player sales, you might be able to buy someone better. Lisandro Lopez (£5m) is excellent, but sometimes fails his work permit. If you have £6m spare, Guillermo Burdisso from Boca can be a key player for years to come!

Left and Right Wingers:
Nathan Redmond (£5.5m) is a good choice, as is Drage (£1m) if you are looking for cheaper. Sosa (£6m) would be a good buy if you can beat the other interested teams, the same as with Stoch (£6m), Sarabia (£6.5M) and Donovan (£4.5M)

This depends on whether you are going to play with 1 or 2 strikers. For another first teamer, look at Wolfswinkel (£7m), Bent (£6m), Eduardo (£5.75m) and Ferrayra (£6m). As a backup, you can't beat Maupay (£1.3m), although Cornelius (£1.8m) & Fierro (£3m) are great too.

Backup LB:
Tagliafico (£3.5m) is a fantastic young player, but if you low on funds Tiendalli (£1.1m) is decent and can play RB too.

Backup CM:
Praet (£4m) is the best option available, and in a few seasons could keep Cabaye out of the team. Other players too look at are Ilsinho (£4.75m) & Goretzka (£5.75m). The budget options are Bertolacci (£2.9m) and Svensson (£1.4m).

Backup AMC:
Praet can also play here, but if you were to buy him for CM you would need another player for AMC aswell (Or vice versa). Paredes (£2.5m) is a bargain, and in a couple of seasons can be valued as high as £20m! Will Hughes (£5m) and Halilovic (£1.1m) are also great young wonderkids, whilst Vilhena is valued at just £0.5m and develops into a world class player! (Unsure of price)


Who to Sell:

There are alot of players on high wages who aren't good enough, and plenty of them are valued highly too! Offer these players out to clubs and you should be able to get good prices for them. Buy replacing them with players on lower wages, you can build yourself a transfer budget of around £30-£35m!!!

Shane Ferguson - £1.2m
James Perch - £5m
Gutierrez - £11.25m
Gosling - £2.5m
Simpson - £3m
Shole Ameobi - £1.5m
Steve Harper - £700k
Williamson - £5m



View attachment 370490View attachment 370491

Newcastle's finances are pretty poor. Although a decent bank balance to begin with, the projection is to lose money every month and end up with a balance £7m worse off, even before player sales. Every now and then, you are going to have to sell off a big player, so prepare for that now by reducing the wage bill and buying mainly youngsters with sell on value.
Luckily you have a good fanbase, so after a few seasons of success, you should be able to either build a new stadium or expand the old one alot, adding to the 3rd most valuable source of income (After TV and prize money!)

Hope this was helpful, and good luck!
Please leave any feedback below, along with your experiences managing Newcastle!


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Squad Analysis: Goalkeepers & Defence

  • Tim Krul:

Tim Krul is a fantastic, well rounded 'keeper, and is easily your number 1. And since he is so young (24) you could easily get 10 years out of him. Capable of playing as a standard GK or a Sweeper-Keeper, this man should be able to help you create a defense good enough to challenge the big boys from the off. I bought him for Arsenal, and for the first 3 seasons he was my first choice, winning the golden glove twice.
Training Focus: Sweeper Keeper - Heavy

  • Steve Harper:
A devoted servant to Newcastle, despite only having one season as the first choice (In the Championship). Although he is a decent back-up, wages of £30k could be used far better elsewhere. Be ruthless and move him on ASAP, with a number of Championship clubs interested if you offer him out.
Training Focus: Sweeper Keeper - Heavy

  • Rob Elliot:

An odd signing by Pardew, bringing Elliot from Charlton for £200k at the start of the 2010/11 season, and is yet to make his debut (In game). He is similar to Harper, although slightly worse. But as he is on a tenth of what Steve is (£3k), keep him around in case injury hits Krul.
Training Focus: Goalkeeper - Heavy

  • Jak Alnwick:
A decent youngster, although he is never going to hit the big time. A future outside the Premier League awaits, but for now his £350 deal until the end of the season provides good value for money as cover for Elliot and Krul. Plus, your youth team is going to need a 'keeper!
Training Focus: Goalkeeper - Heavy


  • Debuchy:

An excellent right-back, and still only 26. He will be a key player in your team, and as well as being solid at the back, he will also be a key provider of assists. Being comfortable anywhere on the right wing, and in central midfield too, just adds to the importance of this French international in your team. His only weakness is his low marking (12) and anticipation (13).
Training Focus: Anchorman - Heavy

  • Ryan Taylor:

The older of the 2 Taylor brothers, he is also not as good as Steven. None the less, he is still a good RB, who's free kicks and long throws can help clinch a few extra goals a season for your team. Better going forward than he is at the back, his marking really needs some work. A great back-up to have, who as well as being able to play at LB, he can also play at LM, CM and RM.
Training Focus: Marking - Average

  • Simpson:

Although not on high wages, his contract is expiring and the £3m you can get for him can be well used. Poor mental and technical attributes are only saved by the fact he is a great athlete, with pace and attributes of 15 and stamina of 16. But better can be bought for the money he brings in.
Training Focus: Wingback - Average

  • Perch:

"Perchinho" is incredibly versatile, and would also be a good tutor for your youngsters. However, it is down to you to decide if he is worth £5m, as that is what you can sell him for. A tendency to dive into tackles means that he can end up costing your team silly free-kicks and penalties, and apart from tackling (17) his technical attributes are awful.
Training Focus: Central Defender - Heavy

  • Santon:

A fine player, yet another who can play on the left or right. With the ability to play in almost any team on the game, he still has potential to grow further. Reject all bids you get for him, because if you keep him, you will either get over 10 years of one of the finest fullbacks in the world, or you will be able to get close to £40m for him.
Training Focus: Wingback - Average

  • Haidara:

The victim of Calum McManaman's horror tackle back in April, this young and pacy left-back has bags of potential. It is just a shame he is in the same team as Santon, and won't ever get a permanent spot ahead of him. However, if developed correctly, Massadio can either be sold on in a few years for over £10m, or he can be Santon's replacement if you ever choose to sell him. If you weren't so short on cover, he would be a good candidate to send out on loan. Keep that in mind for the future.
Training Focus: Fullback - Average

More to Come! I am going away tomorrow, so I may not get all these done before then!

Sorry, I am going to have to do this when I get back in 2 and a bit weeks. I may also be doing a Cardiff guide.

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Anyone? Going to do the player analysis thing tomorrow.
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made me wanna play as Newcastle, setting up a save now. :)
made me wanna play as Newcastle, setting up a save now. :)

Let me know how you get on!

I only started my Newcastle save yesterday, but I always do one (Partly a fan because of my brother) :D

Really fun, already one of my favourite saves!
dat feel when Cabaye gets injured for 7 weeks on your first day. LOL.
nice guide! just like Cosades said, makes me want to start a save with them :) how do you find the AMC tactic going? or you have a different setup for away games?
nice guide! just like Cosades said, makes me want to start a save with them :) how do you find the AMC tactic going? or you have a different setup for away games?

I don't use downloaded tactics, I make them all myself. They were just suggestions I have heard about :p
Looks promising. Nicely done on all the graphics and all the content.
thanks just out of curiousity what made you do a newcastle guide??? i would consider myself a die hard newcastle fan[h=3][/h]
thanks just out of curiousity what made you do a newcastle guide??? i would consider myself a die hard newcastle fan

Because I have a bit of Newcastle fan inside me, as I have been to more Newcastle games than any other. My brother is a Newcastle fan and he used to take me to alot of games.