Getting Result- just not quite the style I want


Nov 28, 2015
Okay so this may sound a bit ungrateful, I am but I am playing with Newcastle (1st season still in the championship) getting some fab results (as you'd expect) however the style of play is not quite what I am looking for.

My idea is simple really. Newcastle have some really fast players in Atsu, Gayle and Nahki Wells who I have signed. I don't care about possession or pressing so much but I just want to play long balls over the top of the opposition defence to get the players mentioned above in on goal. Simple and exciting right? However I feel I am not matching my style. I have set most of my players to 'More risky' and 'More direct passing' as well asking my goal keep to play long balls over the defence and I feel like I am not capturing the style I want here are my tactics.

Mentality: Counter
Shape: Structured
High tempo with Wide play (suits more direct play)

Slightly Deeper Defensive Line, Closing Down More, Prevent Short Distribution, Tighter Marking
Clear to Flanks, Exploit both Flanks, Pass Into Space (obviously), More Direct Passing (obviously)
Hits Early Crosses

Typical Line Up

Keeper GK(D): Darlow

Right Back FB( A): Yedlin/Gamez
Centre Back CD(D): Lascelles
Centre Back CD(D): Clarke/Mbemba
Left Back FB( A): Lazaar

Right Centre Mid CM(D): Colback/Tiote
Left Centre Mid AP(S): Shelvey
Right Midfield WM(A ): Ritchie

Attacking Midfield Centre AM(A ): Perez
Attacking Midfield Left IF(A ): Atsu
Striker AF/Poacher: Gayle.

I am undecided which role for the forward works best with what I am trying to achieve.
Thanks in advance for any help/advice