Getting scout reports from scouts instead of DoF


Mar 24, 2011
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I'm currently paying a DoF 10k p/w and he doesn't appear to be doing a lot.

I have it set up in the Staff Responsibilities for him to arrange scouting assignments and then feedback to me the info from the scouts.

However, I never hear from him and its the scouts who send me the reports.

Is this a known bug? Is it because I hired him after I hired all my scouts?

If I go in a manually cancel all the default assignments for the scouts will this help?

Or should I just give him the boot for being useless?


DoF's are useless. Although if you look at a scout report in your inbox, it should say something along the lines of "<Your DoF> has passed on <Your Scout's> scouting report for you to look at"

So it is still the scouts report, but the DoF "passes it onto you". Not really sure what the point of that is, because if you don't have a DoF, you still get given the report :S
That....that is completely pointless!!!

It's settled then; He's getting the boot.

Thanks for the reply Scotty
DoF's can be pretty good at getting you quality players. If you set it up in the Staff Responsibilities for him/her to make bids for other players and negotiate their contract, but stil keeping it so that it's you who has to confirm every deal, they sometimes do sign pretty good players. I always have my DoF's signing players, with me having to confirm deals, just to make sure I don't end up with some rubbish, and they often sign very good players for almost no money. Of course, it all depends on how good your DoF is.

I hope this made sense, me english no work always.
DOF isnt that good tbh i never use them however im not sure if they help when offering a contract