Getting the best out of a regen? HELP!!


Feb 23, 2010
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Ok so this is the first FM game I've played that hasn't been on a handheld console, and I've recently started managing West Ham, just signed a 15 year old regen with "the potential to be one of the best players of his generation" and was wondering what do I do to ensure he develops as much as possible?

Do I loan him out to a lower league club? Do I leave him to play games in the u18s, bump him up to reserves? play him in the first team?

Any help would be appreciated guys, thanks.
I would start with making sure you have good u18 coaches and first team coaches and keep him untill hes 17 or so at the club then i would loan him to a club that will ensure he plays first team football but also have good training facilities. then when he gets back from that loan try and give him as much first team games as you can :)

I would have asked here first though
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Good coaches, good facilities and play him in your first team games for 20 mins or so (if leading by quite a bit) as a sub for about 15 games a season untill he is 18-19 years old. Also make sure he isnt training too hard or else this can have a reverse effect. Have a senior players tutor him but make sure the senior player has higher determination or else your younger lad's determination stat will drop.