Feb 23, 2010
Reaction score
I've got to a point now where I'm satisfied more or less with most players, except from Cazorla. He averages below 7 and only has 1 assist in 14 games. No goals either. He seems to link play together well, but his lack of the final third part hurts me in some games.

I play this:

Sagna -- Koscielny -- Vermaelen -- Gibbs

Arteta -- M'Vila

Walcott -- Cazorla -- Wellington Nem

I also have Adryan, Giroud, Gervinho, Podolski, Ramsey etc that can play in and around the front 4. But Cazorla just isn't performing. To be honest it's kinda the same when anyone plays there, but Nem and Adryan always seem to have a bigger influence on the game when there than Santi.

Any tips on getting the most out of him? I've got him in AM with Advanced Playmaker and have played around with the settings numerous times.
Try playing him on the LW and moving Wellington Nem into the centre. Carzorla doesn't perform for me either, he's a bit like RVP from previous FM games. By that I mean he's the best player but can't perform even with his good stats.

I'm probably going to sell him if he doesn't perform especially since I have replacements in younger players.

Other than maybe changing the playing style (I doubt he's good at direct style of play since he's small and slow, he's sort of best with slow build-up and a high line)
He performed poorly for me but I managed to get him to stop taking so many long shots as a trait and he picked up the second most assists in the league as an CM-AP. In my opinion this is what gets him a low rating, he rarely scores them and pings a shot off whenever he gets close to the area instantly breaking down the attack.
I play that formation and I'm just coming to the end of my first season and he is top of the assist charts. I play a slow build up game with short passes and he is my best player all season
I used him as an attacking midfielder with the attacking duty in the same formation and he was amazing for me.
I played him in a 4-4-2 on the right wing attack. He was amazing and finished 2nd in my team with goals scored and 1st in assists. Here's a pic on my old fm. He's much better on the right side of the pitch not the left/centre!!
Sorry for delayed response. Cheers, will try him out wide and see how it goes!