Getting to manage a national team


Aug 30, 2010
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i was just wondering how do you manage a national team while still managing a club, as all of my applications just get rejected and they pick someone else, is it because i havn't got a big enough rep or something. Also who are the easiest national team to get to be manager as?

It depends on your reputation and it's easier to get a job as for example Vietnam's manager, than England's because the country's reputation is also smaller.
What have you set your reputation as, are you an International Footballer, or a Sunday League player, etc?
you can manage club and country and my reputation is sunday league footballer
that's why you're getting rejected then, you need to build up your rep.
how do you manage to be manager of both? what do you do?
Well to manage a country you generally need to increase your reputation by winning major things like the top division league, domestic trophies and continental trophies (EURO Cup, Champions Cup etc).

To manage a country just select it when the job is open and apply and see if they accept.
it can depend, it mostly depends on how successful you are with your club.
You can be a manager of both national team and club at the same time. Just apply for either job and if you get it you can manage both.