Jul 27, 2010
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I created some months ago nation rules for these countries:
Finland (6 divs + 4 cups)
Faroese islands (3 divs, 2 cups. Also competitions for each reserve and youth teams)
Mongolia (2 divs and 1-2 cups. Also competitions for each reserve and youth teams)
North Korea (1 divs + 1 cups. Also competitions for each reserve and youth teams)
Trinidad & Tobago (3 divs + ~3 cups)

1. Pretty soon after editor file of Finland in lowest division, fifth, FM2011 has often read it wrong: sometimes there are 112 teams (right count) and sometimes only 111. And despite in Editor there are always right count, I've tried to add one more team for that league where are many groups. Then, a moment everything is ok but then there are 113 teams!

2. Yesterday I noted same problem with Faroese youth leagues (U18). There are two divisions with 10 and 9 teams but FM2011 read again wrong way: It found only 8 teams despite there should have been 9. I added U18 team from Iceland (KR) to that division and tested. Now there was 9 teams. Then I infered that some of 9 Faroese U18 teams has a ghost in that division and deleted one of them from the competition until I found the problematic team. And I founded it soon. But after I added it back to the division, the problem was disappeared. At least for a moment. I done that just before I started to write that post.

But in Finland it very hard to find the problem because in fifth division have 112 teams. How could I solve that problem and what should I do that there will not be new ghost teams in my editor files?

And how can editor files of Finland and Faroese Islands be connected that using them at the same time there are often one of above two problems? I'm not sure but probably ghost team bug has occured only if these both editor files has selected. Only connection between these had affiliation between Kajo in Third division Southeast of Finland and HB in Premier division of Faroese Islands. I thought that that's the problem and I removed it but it didn't work.

Despite the editor is very nice addition, there are too less cup and especially league formats for me despite I can create pretty special cups with custom format feature. Despite that's not my subject now, I want to list my thoughts here:
- Regional parts for the first rounds of cups. And different cup format for regional parts would be useful if regions have not same count of teams in a cup.
- Opening and closing stages for leagues and for example best two of both stages would play for the championship like some countries in South America had with some version of FM. (2010, 2009 or 2008).
- Qualifications for the European club competitions like in Holland had with FM2010. I don't know if Championship playoffs feature would work but in Holland league champions was the team which got most points in regular season.
- More stages for the leagues like in Brazil had with FM2010 or FM2009. So after reqular season there in third highest division was some promotion group stages and knockout rounds.