Feb 8, 2013
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It's a cold and foggy morning in Copenhagen...

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It's now been 7 days since Ariel Jacobs left his job as head coach of F.C. København because of a fallout with the board, even after a successful year in charge.
There has been a press conference called at Parken to introduce the new manager of Byens Hold, with many anticipating a big name announcement, possibly an ex-Danish international.

"We're proud to announce our new manager, Jakob Morrissey"

There were a few shocked faces in the room as the chairman announced Morrissey's name, mainly because none of the members of the press knew who he was.
"In the past few years we've hired highly experienced managers, and we've had great success, but we thought in this appointment we could show our intent as a club in going forward and maybe not spending huge amounts of money on necessarily huge names, but still expecting success" were the chairman's official words after the shocking appointment.
"With that, we'd like to welcome Jakob to the club, and hand him over to you for any questions you may have".

"Jakob, were you surprised to be hired here at Parken, given your considerable lack of experience in football management?"

Truthfully, yes. Haha, when I got the phonecall to come in for the interview and a meeting with the chairman I was fairly shocked, and even though I've been officially named as manager now I don't think it'***** me yet, I'm still 20 feet in the air!

"What made you want to manage a club in Denmark, when you have what many consider to be the worlds best football league on your doorstep in England?"

Well, since I was a lad I've always been very interested in European football, the way European teams play, the fans, the hunger for success, everything about the clubs really, and I think F.C. København pretty much epitomize that European mentality in the game.

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