Gibraltar in World Cup

May 24, 2020
Alright, so I always think its fun to have a save in Gibraltar and make a club team from there a world beater. In past FM's, they were only able to compete in Euro's, just as in real life. I always tried to get them to qualify for World Cups, but even when in the editor, it wasn't allowed- clicking the "Full FIFA Member" button did not work for Gibraltar, however it did work for countries such as Martinique, and they were added to WC qualifiers. So, I realized that it was hardcoded in the game that Gibraltar could not enter the WC. However, as this is a new FM, I was wondering if anybody has been able to perhaps use the editor to greater effect or somehow dig into the game's code and somehow make them eligible for the WC- these saves are boring without making Gibraltar the champions of the world. So, anybody figured out a way to make Gibraltar qualify for the World Cup?