Dec 10, 2009
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who did u think very suitable to replace no 11, 2, 1 and 9 for MU.

1= de gea or lloris
2= da silva --- 21= no idea
11= no idea (bebe too soon.want to retain no 33)
9= hernandez
7= no idea (want to sell owen in 2013)

5= ferdinand but in 2013= may be showcross
1 = neuer / adler
2 = d. renan
11 = coentrao
9 = dzeko
7 = hazard
5 = sakho
seems u is a MU fan.haha same as me!well i try to be realistic as i can for my team.dont want to buy d.renan coz da silva seems good.however if i give da silva no 2 who will replace no 21?coentrao MU dont want to buy him in real life.dzeko=i will stick with barba until he attain age 32/33.hazard(7) dont want to sell owen yet.but maybe i will buy him.but depend in MU real life.if i buy him i will give him no 11 since he is left midfield.sakho i want to use ferdinand.but in 2012 i buy showcross.may be i will give him no 23? until ferdinand cannot play.

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how bout lindergaard?19 maybe?but welbeck?
adler is the best keeper in the game
michael owen sucks, so i suggest u get rid of him quick
berba is good for 2-3 seasons max
coentrao is a immense player IMO

but its ur game, buy anyone u think is good enough :)
I am a man utd fan too. I usually stick with berba for 1-2 seasons, you could buy giuliano for about 10 million and he is a good No7,i was good i actually bought a goalkeeper called silvu lung jr, he is romanian and 21 years old and amazing, i bought gareth bale for 40 million after 1 season and play him on the left wing.

Try sending will keane on loan , he becomes class, but try to buy a young full back, he is french i am tryna remember his name but he is pretty good and you get him for cheap.To be honest i have been playing and using my back up young players to be realistc , like cleverly, matt james, and they are all decent,

Its your game though mate, i maust say though i am in 2012 and i just bought a 17 yr old centre back from tottenham for 3million, he is a regen , his name is daniel holt and he is amazing, stats are incredible so he is a long term partner for smalling.