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Apr 12, 2009
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Could someone possibly help explain what this actually means, and how it is judged by your board?

I have been asked by the board to do this, but I have only got 10% currently, even though there are some young players in my team.

I have three 20 y/o who starts every game (and have been so since 18/19 (and then my percentage was 0!)) and one who plays probably half.

I have an 18 year old who mixes in with the first team too, and usually plays 10-12 games a season.

I also have a couple of 16 y/o who have excellent potential, so I give them a few games a season.

I dont understand though why my percentage is so low?

I was thinking maybe because the three who start regularly are all on rotation/first team contracts, but im not sure. Anyone able to shed any light?

Can't give a very specific answer, but I had the same criteria the last three seasons and constantly had the bar filled up at 100%. I just assumed this was because my team had the lowest average age in the league, and at least half my first team was under 22 years. I currently have an average age of 21, but the board promise of giving youth a chance was not included in my last contract.

I've also had a few regens coming up through my own intake who were getting a fair bit of playing time. That might be relevant.
Also, according to the forums this was earlier a bug. But this was supposed to have been fixed in the November update 13.1.3.

In this thread the same problem is mentioned, and seemingly resolved on its own. You might just have to give it some time, and try to give some playing time to the youths coming through your own ranks.