Given huge January transfer budget - no reason?


Oct 21, 2010
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Ok I have this weird problem. It has happened to me twice, in two different games now. Mid-season I'm given a huge transfer budget. Like, my balance is 35 m, and I'm given 105 m. What is up with that? I'm using the newest update. I know this means, I won't be able to use the money, without crashing my club financially. Can someone help me, or explain to why this is? I'm playing as Arsenal.
Probably that your chairman has a poor 'business' attribute in his 'hidden attributes' that can be found using genie scout?
Nope. It's 15, so not bad at all, just checked.
Just spend it, he will probably just pump more money in to cover the debt again!!
105 million? wow. Pounds? Dont spend it all. I woudnt spend more than $45m if you are already in the champs league. Thats still a BOATLOAD of money.

I've played over 20 seasons with arsenal and never seen anywhere close to that. Highest I ever recieved in january was around 35m pounds.
Yeah, that's what I mean. And it was given because i changed my expectations in January, because I was forced. Like, in the summer I said I could lead the team to a spot in the CHL, then I was 1. in the league when January came, and they said I could change my expectations to minimum 75, but with a big wage budget too. And I can see in my finances, that the club don't have anywhere near that money. AND I already used A LOT ind the summer.
if you are already in 1st, just buy some youth for cheap, a decent RB backup, a decent LB backup.

You dont NEED to spend the money :).
Got this a couple of times myself ... only it was an April fool's joke!
be careful as it could leave to financial troubles in then later seasons!