Apr 25, 2014
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Red Bull GmbH have an ever increasing football franchise as well as their other markets, namely the Formula One team. In this save (which will run alongside my long term SAF save) I'm interested to see how far I can take the RB franchise in the football world.

There are a few ways to go about this. I could start at the bottom (RB Brasil in Serie D in Brazil or FC Liefering - purchased as a feeder team to RB Salzburg - in the Austrian second tier). I even considered managing ALL the teams at once (except RB Brasil as that league is not available on Touch.)

Eventually I decided to start at the top with RB Leipzig and hopefully success here will feed down into the sister teams (who I will probably add new managers to take over later in the game)


RB Leipzig Rules

- Similar to the club in real life I will only sign young up-and-coming players (21 and under), and sell them for a healthy profit when necessary!
- Once established as a German powerhouse I will sign youngsters to be loaned to the sister teams thus helping their progress.
- I will look to sign the big talents that naturally come through the other RB teams. When I do I will give the other teams a 50% sell on clause.
- The only time I will not sign 21 and under players is when they come from one of the other RB teams. Again with the 50% sell on clause.

First Transfer Window

Keeping to the under 21 rule we target the centre back area which is probably our weakest area.

Rob Holding - on loan from Arsenal

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Almamy Toure - £15m from Monaco

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And one for next season perhaps...

Paulo Boia

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£4.5m profit in this window and Kaiser on loan to Salzburg


UCL Group of Death!!

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..and we aren't the only Red Bull side in Europe's elite competition!

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Struggling to keep interested in this save. I will start it again in FM19

Where I left off:

I won the Bundesliga with Leipzig..

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And the Europa League!

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In the following season I had added a second manager in charge of RB Salzburg and we won the Austrian league

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But Bayern reclaimed their Bundesliga title

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I did manage a cup win however

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And a run to the UCL Quarter finals

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