Dec 11, 2010
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Looking for abit of advice regarding which goalkeeper to go for, Igor Akinfeev or Guillermo Ochoa?

Also, I have Griffiths as a poacher (thanks to you guys for the recommendation), who should I be looking at playing alongside him? Or is he proven better as a lone striker?

Thanks in advance.
Igor Akinfeev all day long and to play alongside with Griffiths I would suggest you go for someone like Robert Acquafresca or Marcus Berg or Romelu Lukaku.
Igor Akinfeev if your rich Ochoa if you lack money.
As for the ST:
I would suggest Rafael Moura, Romelu Lukaku, Khouma Babacar :)
What style would you play them? I've currently got Griffiths set as a poacher, with the midfield using him as a target man, supply being run onto ball. First 6 games he had nothing, now he's over 20 goals in less games!
Macheda / Welbeck /Lakaku work wonders with Griffiths.

Maybe if you play him along side Lakaku you'd be better off keeping Griffiths as a poacher and Lakaku as the target man.
Ochoa's let in 3 goals in 11 games for me this season...4 man of the match awards
Went for Ochoa as couldn't afford Akinfeev, and he didn't want to come to me. He's not exactly doing brilliant, either, played 6 conceded 12, however I think my central defence needs beefing up abit.