Jul 21, 2012
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Hi guys, I've been playing a Borussia Monchengladbach save for a while now and just finished my third season with them. I have won everything I can win, More then once. Bundesliga(3), Champions League(2), German Super Cup(2), German Cup(3), European Super Cup and Club World Championship. All in the three seasons.

So I've just finished my third season, And am torn weather to sell a few players and am looking for some assistance as when it comes to when to buy/sell a player I am completely clueless.

PLEASE NOTE: All possible regen replacements profiles can be found below

Marc Andre ter Stegen:

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So, ter Stegen has played a major part in winning all the things I have and is an absolutely brilliant keeper, BUT every season he demanded a move to a bigger club, I've somehow managed to keep hold of him without making him unhappy. I feel like he may become unhappy soon and I'm torn between taking the risk and keeping him or cashing in on him. I feel I could probably get around the 30M mark for him maybe a little more. I've got a 5 potential regen goalkeeper coming July 2017 who looks very promising.

Alvaro Dominguez:

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Dominguez was a first team defender for around 2 seasons until I noticed his performances were dropping and his average ratings were dropping too. Doria replaced him in the first team late into the second season and I haven't looked back since. Doria stepped upto the plate immediately and was raking in brilliant performances along with an amazing average rating of around 7.85. Dominguez has since fallen out of favour but still is a good backup when called upon. But here's where it gets interesting, Dominguez has a clause in his contract that means Athletico Madrid can buy him back at any time for 7M. I have since been offered 25M from Man Utd for his services and I think it's about time I called shots on his career at Gladbach, If I don't sell him now I would be very scared of the buy back clause in his contract and he would be stolen from me for a measly 7M. There's a few possible regen replacements that can be found below

Stefan Strandberg:

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Strandberg signed for me for 500k in the first season and has been a first team performer since, Been getting key performances from this man, BUT his value never seems to go up. Which is making me think if I am going to make a profit off him, Why not do it now when I can? He's aging now but is still a top class player. I could probably get around 13-15M for him if I were to sell him now. Same case as Dominguez with possible regen replacements below

Hassan Mohamed:

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One of my scouts picked up on this regen around the second season, And came back with a 5 star potential rating for him. I left it a few seasons before going back to him to realize he had made quite significant improvements to key area's of his position. I then stuck a cheeky 1.1M bid in for him and to my amazement it was accepted. I snapped him up for 1.1M and played him in my first team for a whole season. He's already looking like one of the if not the best left backs on my save at the moment and I've already had a host of big clubs sniff around him. I've also received a whopping 26M bid with an added bonus of 20% of profit from a future sale from Arsenal. Unfortunately I accidentally rejected the offer rather then delaying it so I could ask you guys before answering. But I reckon I could offer him back out for around the 28-30M mark and they would make a fresh offer. I do have a 5 star potential regen replacement on my radar who's profile can be found below.

Havard Nordveit:

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Nordveit was an absolute rock in the defensive midfield position for the first few seasons, Unfortunately early into the third season he suffered a serious injury that kept him out for 6 months. When he came back from injury, He seems to keep picking up minor injuries that leave him out for a few weeks at a time. It's getting rather frustrating, and due to the injuries his performances have declined as a result. I've been offered 20M for him from Liverpool with 14M of it coming over 48 months. I have a replacement in mind who I've already agreed to sign at the beginning of 2016. I also have a regen sitting in my squad who may be capable to take up that space with a bit of training.

Leandro Paredes:

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Leandro was my first signing for 2.4M in my first season. That was a big price considering I started off with 400. I stuck him straight into the first team and he took the role amazingly, Started off brilliantly and was giving consistently solid performances for two seasons. In my third season I was alerted of a 5 star potential attacking midfielder by my scout, And I was luckily enough able to bring him in on a season long loan with an agreed price of 14.5M. He took Paredes position in the first team straight away and has since developed into quite the player. I've already agreed to sign him for the agreed price of 14.5M and I fear Paredes's time might be up at Borussia Park due to more 5 star potential attacking midfielders coming through my youth. I could probably rake up around 18-20M for Leandro if I were to sell.

Luuk de Jong:

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Luuk was my main striker for the first season and was the top scorer in the league for the first season. Unfortunately since signing Destro on a free Luuk hasn't seen much playing time and has found him-self out of favour at the club. With Destro's current form and development I can't see Luuk getting his first team place back and with 5 star regens coming through the rankings at the club he probably won't see any more playing time. I've been offered several loan offers which include a monthly fee of 500k and all of his wages paid for the duration with the addition that he can be recalled at any time. If I were to sell him I could probably get around 17-20M.

So they are the players that I'm torn between, Now for their potential replacements.

Xuxinha (Possible long term ter Stegen replacement)

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A 5 star potential goalkeeper who I've agreed to sign already but doesn't arrive til July 2017. If I were to sell ter Stegen now I would have to buy a non regen keeper until this fella arrives.

Marcelo Acosta (Possible Dominguez/Strandberg replacement)

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A 4 star potential central defender who has already got some very nice looking stats, Who can probably be picked up for around 6-8M.

Asier Tarantino (Possible Dominguez/Strandberg replacement)

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A 5 star potential central defender who has once again got some incredible stats at such a young age and who can only get better and better. Could probably be picked up around 6-8M

Carlos Araque (Possible Dominguez/Strandberg replacement)

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Another 5 star potential central defender who was picked up by Arsenal very early who once again has brilliant stats. Would probably be the most expensive of the lot due to already being at a very big club.

Melvin Achterberg (Possible Dominguez/Strandberg replacement)

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A player who I picked up early and has been thrown in my second team and put in some decent performances with an average rating of about 7.45. He's already developed very nicely due to being tutored by Dominguez at a very young age. Looks like he may be able to replace the big man him-self very soon.

Luca Parisi (Possible Hassan Mohamed replacement)

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I was very lucky to get him on loan with an agreed price of 13.5M which is quite steep. But has 5 star potential and already looks a good player and could develop very fast with the right training and some tutoring.

Ferreira (Possible long term Nordveit replacement)

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A player who was found by one of my scouts and I have already agreed to sign from Portuguesa. He's a 5 star potential defensive midfielder with some quite incredible defensive stats already. Unfortunately he wouldn't arrive until July 2016, But I do have a regen sitting on my bench at the moment who is more then capable of taking the DM spot until he arrives. (Profile can be found Here)

Manuel Galasso (Possible Leandro Paredes replacement)

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Another player who was reported to me by my scout, And I was luckily able to bring him on a season long loan with an agreed price of 14.5M. He took over Paredes place in the first team with ease and has since developed into quite a player already. With only 3 and half star current ability and some insane stats he already looks like he can be the best attacking midfielder in the save. (Have another possible replacement sitting in my under 19's who's profile can be found Here)

Ismael Kouame (Possible Luuk de Jong replacement)

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A player who I picked up from Academica for around the 4M mark. With some stand out technical and physical stats already Ismael looks like he could be the next best world beater. I gave him a few matches during the third season and he managed to score 3 in 4 in the league while assisting 2 as-well. (Also have another 5 star potential striker who's currently on loan at Benfica who's profile can be found Here)

So that's it, I'm so sorry for the mass amount of writing and a massive thank you to who-ever sticked with it and read through it all. Any sort of advice or suggestions would be massively appreciated!