Nov 10, 2009
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I have just signed Stefano Guberti on a free with Malmo, and after a month, with him just starting to find form it states that he has a global ban to 2015, not giving a reason, googled it thinking it might have something to do with the match-fixing scandal in Italy, but can't find anything. Is there a reason for this? And is there anyway I can now Terminate his contract, or sell him as a result of this without paying compensation?
Also says on his Wikipedia page that he is banned for 3 years.
Thanks for that, but shouldn't it state it somewhere on the player information screen, stating what he is banned for and that he might be banned. I remember on FM 12 that Arne Freidrich used to start on a free but had a global ban because he had already played for 2 clubs. Is there anyway I can terminate his contract without paying any compensation, because he is my 2nd highest earner at Malmo?
No i dont think you can. You have just got to take the hit on him sadly.

If i remember right, most of the UNA guys dont give info as to why they are unavailable. I remember Omar Toprak was unavailable for 6 months in one game and it never stated why.
Ok, thanks for your help, I remember on the older FM's it used to give details, e.g. I think Yegor Titov was banned for 1 year for a drugs ban, it would have been helpful if it was in the player info tab before i signed him though, I gave him a 3 year contract as well, so soon his contract will end up expiring just after his ban.
I did the same with Alessandro Sbaffo. Biggest mistake I ever made, but after the ban expired he was a beast for my 2. bundesliga team :)
F#CK!!!!!!!!! I just signed him.............. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! thought i got such a good deal...... Crawley's going broke.
Aussie I know how you feel he was my highest earner at Malmo when i signed him, but his stats don't seem to go down too much over his ban, and once he had completed his ban (3 years later) I was still able to sell him for £500k so I turned out to make a profit on him as he was on £2.8k a week.