Apr 30, 2012
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Hey Guys

I've recently been obsessed with the free agent challenge and have decided to do a story on it where you decide the team I use. Borussia Dortmund as they have a good rep and nice kits, also it will be easy enough to get the '4 trained by club' for the Champions League, also, i understand there is no silly work permits.

- only 3 or somthing 'non-eu' players in the team
- I need 8 'trained in nation' for champions League
- I need 4 'trained at club' for Champions League
- We also need a U19 + U23, so don't go crazy on the best possible play
- England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany will be loaded

The Team
(to be filled as we go on)

ter Stegen
..... Hummels ...... ......
Kroos ......
Muller Gotze .......
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Good to see someone doing a story using this challenge!
Players: Stegan, Hummels, Gotze, Schurrle, Kroos, Draxler
Plenty of great German players you could build your team around!
Sign Thomas Mueller and this story will be truly epic

k mate, With MWEST94's choices I have a good idea about a formation to use

Good to see someone doing a story using this challenge!
Players: Stegan, Hummels, Gotze, Schurrle, Kroos, Draxler
Plenty of great German players you could build your team around!

Thx mate, great choice of players, if some-one didnt choose Gotze I'd be left crazy
Schurrle and Draxler don't want to join the club, near the end of the transfer season i'll try and sign them when they're getting desperate
sounds fun i may start a story as Stoke like this! Highest earner is a killer!
i want to do the same! where can i get this database or is it something else?

never mind :) found it. goodl luck with your story
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Guys I need you sugest payers like crazy or I might have to choose the players myself if it gets to close to the start of the season and i don't have a good 1st team
Go for Nuri Sahin, Hummels, Kagawa, Hazard, Pirlo.
Kroos, Muller, Gotze, Hummels and ter Stegen Barnes First Signings

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This Morning Borussia Dortmund Manager announced his first 4 signings to help him win the Bundesliga, Toni Kroos and Thomas Muller join after their contracts at massive rivals Bayern Munich got terminated. Marc-Andre ter Stegen joins after his contract ended at B
orussia Mönchengladbach, Mats Hummels and Mario Gotze rejoin the club under a knew manager.
This is only the first action Tom Barnes has taken during this transfer window but is sure to make some more headlines.
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Pirlo Joins Der BVB
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Andrea Pirlo, ex Juventus and Italy International is the latest player to join Barnes and Borrusia Dortmund.
Pirlo said it was a privilege to play under Barnes and said he was looking forward to settling down in Germany after playing in Italy for most of his Career.
"Who Knows, maybe I'll buy a nice house here and stay here after my retirement , maybe offer my services as a coach to Barnes, we'll see" Pirlo said at the Westfalenstadion (Signal Iduna Park).
At a Press Conference Barnes stated;
"Andrea Pirlo is a great player, one of the best actually, I have huge respect for him and as most of the squad is quite young, for instance Mario (Gotze) is 20, Marc-Andre (ter Stegen) is 20 also, I'll be looking at him to be the experience in the team, and after how he played at the Euro's last year, he can do just that."

Hazard Signs for Arsenal
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After 5 days of contemplating his offers, the 21 year old, Belgium International has chosen Premier League Club Arsenal over Prem Club Manchester City and Bundesliga Club Borussia Dortmund. Much to the disappointment of both fans and coaches.
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Gonna have to restart this as there is not enough time to sign a full squad before the season starts, will start this again as a premier league side which is not in any kind of competition