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Jan 31, 2011
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After years of playing FM (and CM) as a big European club I've been getting into the idea of starting relatively small and being the journeyman manager, moving around countries (and continents).

With FM11 I started off managing New York in MLS, and in my first season managed to win the league (media prediction of 5th). After continuing with NY, I'm beginning to want to move to a club in another country (ideally Brazil, before jumping again towards Russia or Turkey, and then moving towards the bigger European clubs).

I've applied for various very small clubs in Brazil, Russia and Turkey but continually get rejected (presumably because I only have national reputation in the US, and, being a Brit in America, all I can speak is English).

Does anybody have any tips about how to be successful in applying for jobs in other continents? I'm involved in the NACL, but presumably even if I do well in that then I'm only going to increase my reputation in North America itself.