Glorious in 2012, sinking without a trace in 2013


Sep 14, 2012
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I had quite a successful run with FM2012, 3 EPL and 2 UCL with Tottenham in 4 seasons. Moving on to 2013, I've been trying to recreate that success. However, 10 games into the season. my Spurs are lying near the relegation zone.
I've been using an attacking 4-2-3-1 with short passing, very high df line at normal tempo. But we lose possession and concede goals way too easily. The players I bought, Eriksen and Jovetic, especially Eriksen, play like *****. They average around 6.6-6.7. Please help.
Advanced playmakers like Erikssen can be fickle - I personally never use them, they're worth so much money I just sell them and use a more direct physical attacking midfielder instead. There's more than one way to skin a cat.

As for Jovetic, how are you using him?
I personally like to use playmakers as I prefer technical football to physical game, both in real life and in video games.

For Jovetic, I use him as a DLF or Treq lone striker.
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Well maybe you'll have more luck than me :)
I've had success using advanced playmakers on the wing (left footers on the right and vice versa to get diagonal balls going). But never in the centre. On my current Wycombe game, I've tried using an advanced playmaker (I had Cazorla for a bit, Juan Muniz, then Herrera etc), but only Cazorla and Muniz had any sort of success, and that was from the wings. Now I have switched to an AM with attack, and my regen from Boca is tearing up the league, top scorer by miles and unplayable.

I've never used Jovetic myself, but I've played against him a lot (he's signed for FCP on my game, and I seem to face them every year) and he does make a good Trequartista and DLF. Is he a new signing this season? Maybe some teamwork needs to be developed.
Both are new signings. I just started the game. Maybe it's because I took quite a long while to figure out the new training system. As a result, my team isn't anywhere near ready with my tactics when the season started. My defenders/mids squander a lot of passes and the ball rarely gets to my strikers. I think my df line is too high, too (1 click away from all the way up). I often got caught with long passes that result in easy goals.
I think 4231 is quite hard to "master" in FM13. it's a little bit to "offensive", and unless you can make :
1 - your wingers track opposite FBs
2 - make your 2 MCs both capable to sit close enough to your back 4 to avoid letting to much space between your lines AND being capable to rush forward to create some +1 situation AND not putting a step on your AMC
3 - making your lone ST capable to drop deep to either create some space for your AMC/Wingers OR to get scoring opportunities

That's why I usually don't play this formation, I'm never capable of seeing what I imagine on the pitch. Prefer a 41221 with a DMC that will take care of that spot between midfield and defense, while your MCs can go more creative, and your wingers can both cut inside or stay near the line while being effective
I think 4231 is quite hard to "master" in FM13. it's a little bit to "offensive", and unless you can make :
1 - your wingers track opposite FBs

I agree and always do this. Zonal marking for everyone but your Amc and wingers. Your wingers must track the full backs (and against the best teams you are expected to lose to, their wingers and wide midfielders) while your Amc can sit on top of the Dmc; this really negates any potential playmakers from the back. Sir Alex does this to great effect, against Arsenal and Real Madrid he puts a man on Arteta and Alonso respectively. This works great on FM too.

Although, watch your opponents formation, if he switches to 3 at the back or loses the Dmc; your markers don't know where to go.