Feb 6, 2013
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I havent tried it yet but is the holiday option worth while, i understand it can be used to shorten season times but is it worthwhile??
How long can you holiday without having a detremental effect on your team?? 1 week? 1 month ???

Does anybody use it regularly?

Any amount can have a detrimental effect on your team because you can't react to any situation that comes up, you will also find that your assistant fails miserably as team selection so I'd strongly advise against it. The only real use for it is when you're unemployed or running an experiment.
I havent used it but I have been tempted a couple of times, mid table with 4 or 5 games to go, just to get the season out of the way and start the next one.
Give your kids some game time! That's what end of season mid-table dead rubbers are for. Watching them to see whether they can hold their own will give you something to hold your interest, and you may find that someone's ready to play a greater role next season.
Don't go on holiday! i went on holiday for 3 months and this stupid bould got me from 3rd to 9th, i almost got sacked! lol, anyway this season im first and got un beaten through out! Alaba is beast!!!!