Apr 2, 2013
Reaction score
I recently won the EL with CFR Cluj, beating Lokomotiv Moskow in the Final 2-1 in ET. Or at least that's what i thought. I watch the games in extended mode, so i didn't miss any major action.
At the end of the game i was happy that i won the trophy, congratulating the players, and i notice that the game ended 4-1. 3 goals appeared on the bar below, and i only saw 3 too. I watched the goal highlights after the game, and it only showed 3. It happened one time before with Chelsea too. At that time i just ignored it, thinkiing i might have missed the goal while Alt+Tab-ing.
Did this ever happened to you guys, and if so, any idea what's causing it? I am not trying to "reproduce" the bug, but to eliminate it. Thanks.
This happened to me with my save although luckily it happened with a meaningless game, however, I do worry it'll happen in a bigger match!
In my Bayern save I witnessed my team scoring a late winner and the goal appeared in the highlight bar thing but in the post match analysis and then in the league table and everything it had me down as drawing 0-0 and that goal has been wiped from existence.
from what i understand its where the match engine creates 2 outcomes for a game and you see the highlights for one of the outcomes and get the result from the other. this has happened to me like twice and i have played well over a thousand hours so it happens very very rarely and its never turned a win into a loss for me. i do believe it is a known bug