Goal of the Month Comp


Jan 10, 2006
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i am not sure if this is a good idea, but maybe we could have a fm base goal of the month competition. using aviscreen or a similar video recording software, you could post them on the forum to be judged
Good Idea. If anyone wants to be the person in charge then go for it.
i dont mind being in charge
i am on holiday though on saturday for a week, if i am in charge
i think we should start it when 2007 comes out
It's a decent idea but it might be best waiting untill fm07 is released like you said and then there is showing people where 2 get video software and how to work it. :D
Yeh I'll be up for taking part when FM 2007 comes out :thup:
sean, if someone won a month could you do it so it had a trophy next to there name.
Random thought but who would be voting for these goals of the month?
Sean could select the best, say 3, then we could all vote on a poll?
Why Sean?

Then it's not fair on him as he would nto be alboe to select his own goals.

i think a small group of 2-3 people should judge the goals.

There might be alot each month so give each person a bunch each and each judge picks the best 2 out of there group so there will be 6 left for everyone else to vote on the best :D
the release fm 2007 is very near so we need to decide
how this gona work, who is in charge etc.....
I think if you do it, all the mods and admins should judge, OR the most prominent posters, like, ahem moi. or, better idea, try and set up a poll for any member to vote on, and have voting go for like a week or whatever.