Goalkeeper Jerseys


The trequartista
Oct 4, 2005
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Anybody know any nice GK jerseys I can buy online? I'm having trouble finding them in a large mens size. Derby is **** for shoping so I can't find anything good in the city center.

I need one to play in goal on artificial grass because I get friction burn every week and it can be painful when I play the week after and tear the scabs off diving again. I'm currently wearing a jumper to avoid burn but as I play indoor it's too hot and irritating to wear it.

Cheaper the better, no preference about colour and it can be any team's jersey from any season, apart from Nottingham Forest. Help me internets!!
Ah cool they have the Nike Park Jersey on this Newitts site, Nice one mate.

Old school Oliver Kahn shirt? £9.99 :D

It's pretty rocking to be honest.
I'd rather wear one of Jorge Campos' shirts than that to be honest.
Boro's GoalKeeper kit is the *** >>>>home and away shirts anyway!
awesome awespme super cool avatar boozad
The Smiths PWN big time. Cant stop listening to Strangeways lately.
didnt think they were your sorta thing booze, i love you now
Ive loved The Smiths for about 23 years since the guy who lived next door to me nan made me listen to them endlessly. The Queen Is Dead is one of the first albums I ever bought.