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Jul 13, 2012
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On the new update. I have a couple of hundred thousand to spend out of my transfer budget, but I have about 110k a week spare in my wage budget due to cancelling a few loans in at my club - so I can swap money in between the 2, and after selling a few worse players I should have about £4 or 5 million to use altogether.

So I need either a LB or CB, as I bought Borja Gomez who can play both, so I need someone to fill the other spot. Preferably a CB though.

I also need a good LM, who is decent at tackling and has a high work rate (I am playing a very counter-attacking and defensive approach due to my forwards speed, and my defence's lack of it, so I need someone who will help out the defence and then either help support the attack or carry the ball from one end of the pitch to the other)

Any age, as at the moment I am just looking at the short-term, but of course the younger the better.

P.S. Whilst I am here, is there any RM that are similar to the LM I described above, but he can be upto £10m and have higher wages (Or that money can be spread between the others) as I want to sell Joaquin due to his high wages!