Jun 1, 2014
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I have some recommendations for medium/top teams in good championships:

Mirel Radoi: I bought him for around 5 millions and was immense for my Cagliari team for 2 seasons(first season I remember he had avr rating higher than 7.5). Just needs easy ticked at tackling, as it is very aggresive and takes lots of cards.

Vlad Chiriches : great backup player for top teams, can play DC or DMC, gets a good average rating. I bought him for around 3.5 millions EUR at the start of the game and I sold him with 15 millions EUR, even if in the second season was just a backup.

Gilardino (well, he is known, but didn't saw him recommended): bought him with around 7 millions at Cagliari at the start of the 2-nd season and scored around 25 goals/season for 2 years.

Dennis Garmash: on free at the end of the 2-nd season. I think is one of the best DMC in the game, also has good techniqual attributes.

Sommer: top class goalkeeper, comes very cheap ( around 3 millions EUR)

Douglas: top defender, can be taken on free after the 1-th season. Sold him after the 3-rd season with 30 millions, had an average around 7.5