Dec 12, 2010
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I'm in my first season with Tottenham and I sold and bought a lot of players.
Bought: Dodo, Lucas, Kadlec, Thiago Alves
Sold: Peter Crouch, Pavlyuchenko, Hutton, ...
So now I have 52mio and I want to know which players I should buy. I play with a 4-3-3 Barça tactic:

Kaboul / Gallas / King / Ekotto


Van der Vaart / Modric

Lennon / Defoe / Bale

I thought about a few good back-ups especially for my defense. I need a good young goalkeeper as a back-up for gomer, because he is my only gk. However I also want to buy a few decent players who can replace my team members. I thought about:
-Eden Hazard
-Serge Aurier
-Paulo Henrique

Could help me and say which players I should buy for which postion?

Thx a lot
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You already have a solid team. I'd say a left-back to replace BAE? Dennis Aogo or Jose Angel
But I need a replacement for Gomes. I found players such as Asenjo, Ospina. or what would you recommend me. Perhaps de Gea
Lol why replace Gomes? He is top quality. Keep him. No need for replacements
It isn't really for a replacement but for a back-up. If he is injured, I have to take a player from the b squad. I think I also need some english players, because I am at the minimum of 8 players in my squad, perhaps some good youngsters
Please tell me it's the Lucas from Sao Paulo and not Liverpool? :mad:
Phillepe Mexes (sp)
Seb Frey
Hulk or Saurez

I can suggest you sign a DM aswell.
You ahould buy a striker, Edin Dzeko cca 22 millions is a bargain.
If you are looking for a back up keeper for Gomes just buy Alex Smithies. He is HG and very cheap + he is probably the best back up on the game and doesn't mind not being played.
GK-David Ospina (OCG Nce)
Alphonse Areola( PSG)

RB-Darjio Srna (Shahktar)

CM- Ivan Rakitic (Werder Bremen?)

ST- Edin Dzeko (Wolfsburg
Adam Hlousek (Sparta Prague?)
Well i had a similar formation and i signed Luis Suarez £20 (Board Request) he is one of my best players as he can play striker left & right wing for defense midfielder i brought up sandro he was pretty class but yeah i would defo sign Suarez as you could play him left wing and bring bale back to left back:)

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If you are looking for a back up keeper for Gomes just buy Alex Smithies. He is HG and very cheap + he is probably the best back up on the game and doesn't mind not being played.

He is a good choice also could try Jack Butland from Birmingham U19s and get him as your third keeper and sell Cudicini as you have pletikosa on loan. Butland too is homegrown :)
I would buy Contreao to play Left Back and Dzeko to play upfront with Defoe but apart from that its a quality squad.
GK: Kameni
RFB: Diego Renan
LFB: Dodo/Ansaldi/Coentrao/Vargas ( better than your LFB )
CB: Boulahrouz, Leonel Galeano/Phil Jones
DM: Annan
CM: Montolivo
AMC: Pastore, Paulo Henrique
AMDI: Gervinho, Elia, Buonanotte
ST: Dzeko, Kadlec, Christian Benitez, Lukaku/Sanogo/Babacar
you can buy Silviu Lung jr. for backup for Gomes. Also get Coentrao, Moussa Sissoko and a forward. Maybe Dzeko, Agbonlahor or Cardozo
Be reassured it is Lucas from Sao Paulo. I've already brought up Sandro. I probably will buy Suarez and take Areola or Ospina as back-up for Gomes

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I need a striker but I don't know which striker is the best for me. I want to choose between carroll, agbonlahor, lukaku, suarez or do you think that there is a another player who will suit to my team. I have 38 mio
Definitely Moussa Sissoko, he is a great player.
Try also to loan Canales with an option to buy him.
Buy Asenjo at the end of your first season. Also Aurier and Paulo Henrique (handed tranfer request in my first season and bought him for 6.5mil. he is brilliant after 1-2 seasons).
David De Gea is a good young goalkeeper, however Simon Kjaer, Mats Hummels and Neven Subotic are good young defenders.