May 23, 2010
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Hi guys, I am Barcelona, and on a 94 game unbeaten run :)

David Villa is beasting this season, with 44 goals in 35 games, and i also have eden hazard and messi who have both scored 15 each in all competitions.

However, Villa is now 31, so i need to find someone to replace him

I signed Kadlec, but he hasnt done anything special as of yet and this was over a year ago. Is Babacar a good enough player to replace villa??

Thanks :)
but is he good enough, i play villa in a complete forward/attack role, in a 4-5-1 formation, and he is good enough to score lots and set up others. Will Babacar be able to do the same?
Villa is unreplaceable! ;s
Probably go for some more experinced players if you want to go straight perfoming like villa.
i was considering higuain, but he wont want to come to barcelona, and real wont sell him :( and torres is only rated 3 star :/
Doesnt matter what he is rated tbh, i signed kroos for my chelsea team. with 3,5 stars. He was an absolute beast. and the fans already loved him after the first season :)
Muniain maybe even though he's more of a poacher, played well as a complete forward on fm10
Babacar...But how about Bojan?People tend to forget about him...he is a goal machine if played with the good instructions
bojan is pretty good, but babacar does become an absolute monster... look at these stats and his normal and international goalscoring ratio!
Sign Javier Hernandez and play him as a poacher ,
Babacar went to barca in my liverpool save after 3 seasons for 3.3 mil and so far this year has got 11 goals in 7 games
if you have kadlec play him as a pocher
whenever i play with barca i play villa as a poacher and always buy kadlec to be his succesor
Sergio Aguero, though, at 31, Villa has still got 3 years left