Google to Offer TV service


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Sep 19, 2005
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Google the current internet buzz word for non technical media - have stepped up thier bid to conquer the world.

They are now to offer a streaming service which will provide users with on demand TV shows. Though currently still in the planning stages you can already visit the service at though there will be little content available.

They plan to test the need for such a service by pre-airing a sitcom featuring Chris Rock, entitled "Everybody hates Chris", though the show will still air on TV stateside it will go out on Google Tv a week earlier.
any ideas as to how much this service costs?

If we can get american TV i'd pay for it
Americain TV on the whole is a pile of ****, we get all the good stuff over here and theres only about 8 decent shows from that.

They're considering making it a free service at first and then adding a premium service at a later date.
The downside to the service is that there is no effective way of saving the shows.

They are in talks with the BBC at the moment, though i dont know how that would work given the way the BBC is funded.
pfft what a load of ****. It will lag like mad and half the shows will be ****.
I watched the Chris Rock show theyve got on, its was decent enough but seeing as it was free it was amazing :D

When you search theyve got loads of Jay Leno but no shows to actually show :(
I think its just a video search engine like the one yahoo have got.
Kris said:
pfft what a load of ****. It will lag like mad and half the shows will be ****.
It won't lag. Google won't let it lag otherwise they will be deemed a failure and that just won't do for them on their way to world [internet] dominance. :)
Kris said:
pfft what a load of ****. It will lag like mad and half the shows will be ****.

Its more than likely it will start showing things like Lost and Desperate Redders i mean Housewives, probably by this time next year. I cant see it lagging but they'll probably make it something like £15 a month to get a premium service which will show all the good stuff advert free (hopefully) and on a different server <i> before </i> they show it on the commoners server.

When have you ever known Google to do anything half assed? Look at thier maps for christs sake! They've easilly built up the best map service in the UK & the Moon!
clackerbag said:
Google > Nazis

Na-uh. Google = Illuminati...

Well I think they will be loads of problems to beging with but then again they arent going to release a new feature which is *****. I bet ever 2mins there is a ad etc would anyone here pay for the premium pack?