Google Whack!


Sep 16, 2005
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Im not sure if there is already a thread for this, if so please excuse my lazy-ness and delete this thread.

Anyway a google whack is a combination of two words in which there is only 1 page result, when typed into google.
For example Football Ashtray.
Two random words that come back with low page results.
The lowest result I have had so far is Legionnaire Personified with 727 pages found.
Let me know what two words give you the lowest page results. Kills boredom and is kinda addictive. All you need to do is use and words within the English dictionary.

Ediitttt: Regnet Rejuvenate 66 results.
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my mate was talking about this the other day, zzz ttm, plus that **** dave gorman does it
Yeah well I can say I am rolling around in boredom today with no work and my sky box breaking and my laptop. So I am here trying to find things to amuse me.
oh jamie read a book or soemthing this game sounds like something old perople do :blush:
I did it.

I got 'Groove Cheapair' with 186 results.

Or 'Stench Cheapair' with 12.


Cant be botherd to do anymore.
since when was cheapair a word? :p
ive found the ultimate google whack

jamgla pie

one result lol
i have actualy found one but if i post it here the results will go up by one lol

antiestablishmentarianism wither
longest word in the dictionary that aint it?
A Googlewhack is supposed to be a single result. Not a single page of results.

A Googlewhack is a query consisting of two words (with no quote marks) entered into Google's search page that returns a single result. Googlewhacking is the pastime of finding such a result. A person attempting to find 'Googlewhacks' is known as a Googlewhacker.
What a sad sad life some people lead
A Googlewhack is supposed to be a single result. Not a single page of results.
Yeah thats what I meant, I am no expert though. Theres meant to be thousands but I cant see how.
Also I can see that certain people are using this thread to spam, so you can go ahead and close it seeing as you lot pretty much found a single result straight away.