Got a few questions on my wonderkids. (Might be wrong section, if so please move)


Mar 31, 2010
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Ok basically I am in my fourth season with derby county and I have signed around 5 wonderkids all aged 15-18 PA is all above 170 and a couple of them where around 190 they cost me a fair bit like most young wonderkids do as most come thorough academy's of big teams. So anyway as I am derby andi don't have many good players and some of these 16-18 year olds are better than my first teams but I don't want them to never receive their full Pa because I use them too often, should I only use them rarely until they are older or should I be fine to use them in the majority of my games? Also what are the chances of reaching the PA?
First team football is crucial in youngsters developmen, so yes use them but be carefull about their fitness
I usually rotate them into games until they're 19-20, at which point they're usually starting most games if their fitness is high enough and I have no one better.
Although i play in seria A with lazio i play 2 of my 16 year old player in fhe first line up

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Don't play anybody under 20 in the First team every game. Rotate them in in games you're winning comfortably give them 20 minutes a game. Start them in cup games against bad teams.
but I don't want them to never receive their full Pa because I use them too often

If you use them too much early on, it's not that they won't achieve their full PA. It's that they'll achieve it TOO EARLY, hence they peak early. So they'll be downhill on about after 25 whereas they should be just entering their peak.

I usually start exposing them to the first team once they become 18 (U18 play in reserve games and U18 games, that's more than enough for their development, + tutoring) and they get about 2 years dipping their toes in the first team. Then I hope to send them off on a loan for one season. Once they come back, they should be about 21 and ready to really start challenging for first team spots.