Mar 17, 2010
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as above who should i buy for inside forward left ??
Bale is great, but he always gets long injuries for me..
My mate managed Gotze and said he was unreal. I had Bale at Milan and he is good but a right miserable ******* for team talks haha. Everyone would be happy with the talk bar him! (actually I had Sandro and he was the same, maybe its just ex-spurs players ;) )
Two different players really. Gotze is more of a creative playmaker, but can play an IF too.

Bale can be a wingback, he can be a winger, he can be an IF too. Depends on what you want.

But i think in the game Gotze may be the better choice
Both equally maginificent as each other. Points to consider:

Pick the player who

a) fits in to your teams tactics the best
b) fits in to your teams mentality the best
c) is the better financial deal

It is worth bearing in mind also that Gotze can play in more positions than Bale can, so if adaptability is an issue with your players then that is a plus too.
Bale everyday. Gotze was unimpressive in FM2012 in my Man U save. Bought Bale for my Man U save in FM2013 and he's consistent, doesn't get injured that much, can play right/left wing/AMC.
I've got both and prefer bale, Goetze normally starts on the bench for me sometimes, bale starts every game, got to agree bale is a right miserable ******* when it comes to giving team talks! Always seems uninterested or angry with them!