Feb 24, 2013
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I'm looking to upgrade my PC so I can run FM on the highest 3D settings without any lag. I currently have a really low standard graphics card (GeForce GT520) and my monitor is 1080p which I think really cuts the FPS down a lot. Would buying a better graphics card improve the 3D? Is there anything I can do with my current system to make it run a lot better?
Yes, graphics will improve the match engine.

A combination of a decent amount of RAM, a fast processor and a good graphics card is the ideal scenario.
Yeah I thought it would improve it. I just have no idea by how much. I don't know what kind of money I'd have to spent to see a massive improvement in the 3D performance you see?
Tough to know, im not hardware expert, but FM is not a particularly demanding PC game in terms of graphics, something midranged at a good price should do the job.

Its a demanding game in terms of ram and processor if you load more leagues and a larger database, the amount of number crunching in in the background is insane.
My previous laptop had 3gb DDR2 Ram, now have a pc with 4GB DDR3, and AMD dual core (with AMD Radeon HD6410) clocking at 2.5 ghz and Win 7 64 bit-also have option to divert resources for gaming and a spare graphics card slot. matchdays are a lot smoother and loading time is faster too-though so far only have English leagues loaded up.

Though I wish to god I was able to access my old save with all the facepacks etc. Have to wait to get a caddy to use the old HDD as external source :(
It depends on the rest of your computer specs really.

Your CPU could be bottlenecking your system if it's not up to standard.