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Graphics/kit question help needed please

Sep 16, 2011
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hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place im not sure where i should put it.,

anyway im doing a save with barcelona, and have saved the new kits onto my laptop, then exchanged them with the kits i have in the game, the home and away show up fine, but the third kit, the black one, wont, even the one i had previous wont show up when i put it back, it just shows the kinda bigger black kit that comes on the game, i also done the same with the barcelona 'b'team, but that works fine.

i have swapped the third kits with the b team, but that doesnt work, it still works for the b team though.

anyone any ideas?, i remember before years ago i needed to delete a file or something.
or i was thinking of deleting all my kits and trying to install them all from scratch?

any help greatly appeciated,
thanks for reading.