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Sep 18, 2005
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20th June 2005
In a sensational turn of events, Krassimir Balakov quit as manager of Grasshopper-Club Zürich by mutual termination, leaving the club in a state of poor morale & disbelief that there infuential manager as left the club. The board has denied any falling out with the manager, and that Mr. Balakov wanted to persue other intrests.
The board have also told the press that the search for new manager has started.

Balakov Resigns

June 25th 2005

Today in a the Stadium conference room, packed full of media & journalists waiting to who was going to be the new manager, with shocking rumours that Alex Ferguson was touted for the job. What was more shocking was that the club announced a relatively unknown manager in Jonny Ashby, an English-born Australian, had been appointed. Fans & media alike were shocked at this and where already asking for Ashby for the axe before the campaign has even started.
The clubs board of directors have told the press that they are fully behind Ashby, and that he’ll be given a massive 12,25 million Swiss franc budget and a 220k wage budget too, which give Ashby freedom to spend on players for the push for European qualification, with Valter Birsa, Sergey Kisliy & Tommy Hoiland where possible targets Ashby said that he might buy. He also stated that he has a ten year plan for Grasshopper to be a major European force.

2 of Ashby's Transfer Targets -




29th June 2005

Grasshopper seal Birsa move!

Grasshopper-Club Zurich has completed the capture of quick centre forward Valter Birsa for a sum of 650k CHF. Birsa has expressed his delight at moving too such a well-known team, but he thinks the language barrier could harm his development – The club have given him expensive language tutoring to help him cope. Ashby said, ‘I’m delighted we’ve caught such a good, young talent for such a small price. I hope he becomes a hit with the fans.” Ashby also expressed an interest in Lebohang Mokoena from South African team, Orlando Pirates.


Mokoena next to arrive at Zurich?

To Be Continued...
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6th July 2005

After another week as manager of Grasshopper, Ashby hasn’t been short on rebuilding his team. Ashby has brought an influx of players since the 29th, 5 in total.
The players Ashby has caught the signatures of are Belarus U21 forward Sergey Kisliy, 18yr old South African attacking midfielder Lebohang Mokoena, Norwegian youngster Tommy Hoiland and centre backs Velice Sumulikoski & Alex Von Schwedler. Ashby is also hot on the trail of goalkeeper Lenny Pidgeley & defender Cristian Gonzalez.


Sumulikolski hops over to Switzerland

13th July 2005

Ashby is still buzzing around in the transfer market, bring in 3 more players, most notably Libis Andres Arenas, a young goalkeeper with plenty of potential. Ashby has also brought in veteran’s Carlos Germano & Roberto Monserrat on free transfers. The Swiss media are speculating that Ashby is making a move for left-back Jorge Alberto Rojas.
Despite all the transfers, Grasshopper is yet to win a game in friendlies.

20th July 2005

All gone quiet for Ashby in the past week with no major activity in the transfer market & and no friendlies, although Grasshopper have offered a deal to Rojas, but no inside information has been found.


Rojas on his way?

27th July 2005

The past week as been a good one for Grasshopper, with the capture Rojas on 28,500 CHF deal a week for 2 years. Most importantly, Ashby started his campaign with a 2-0 win over Yverdon in his first competive game. Sergey Kisliy had an absolute stormer, winning man of the match & grabbing the 2 goals. Valter Birsa assisted the 1st goal with Mokoena assisting the second. Arenas was confident in goal when called upon, and defence had little to deal with. Overally, a deservered win for the side & added faith into Ashby.

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