Nov 3, 2010
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Ok so ill start off by saying this tactic has been tinkered with many times and i've been designing a tactic since release that gets results and gives good looking football with wingplay whilst remaining pretty solid at the back.

The tactic should give:

  • Beautiful passing game, holding possession well and building up to break teams down.

  • When in full working order the front 4 will seamlessly interchange upfront

  • Excellent counter attacks, with exciting wingplay.

  • Defensively sound compared to many high scoring tactics, forcing the opposition to shoot from distance or wide.

Team Setup

So in short the idea with this tactic is to limit the oppositions CCC whilst maximising our teams CCC's.

Here are a few things that i've found are vital to my tactic:

  • If you agree with using corner tactics making sure these settings haven't reset is a must.

  • Buying a lot of new players (as i have in the tottenham) can have severe effects on your team, until the team is well blended together and you have no issues in your assistant managers comment in games players will fluff their lines sometimes and it can be costly.

  • Match preparation should be left to your assistant manager during the season, try heavy team blend during the pre season if you've got as above in team issues.. If you have a well blended and very strong team all round ie Man U, Chelsea, Real, use match prep set to average with the focus of attacking movement.

  • Pitch size set to standard (not tested with anything else)

  • No opposition instructions to be used.

  • Plug and Play tactic to be used both home and away.

A few other notes, if your looking at the results for the league you'll notice goals scored isn't too high, i put this down to team blending and the amount of players i brought in. I had in many games unexplainable misses from CCC's which cost me games through draws or losses.
Its important the remember that the season shown is the first season so i haven't got my team anywhere near how'd id like but i managed to win the league, and champions league, I lost in the final of the league cup and fa cup against blackburn my bogey team for this save

In my roma save i've had a season of score 130 and conceeding only 10 in the league....

DCR = Your target man for corners = Best at heading.

DCL = Set as a ball playing CB but if you find him giving balls away for the less technical sides just set him to CD-Cover, High anticipation as well as pace/acceleration and the usual for cbs works best here.

DL/DR = Your standard fullbacks, pace is recommended.

DMCR = You standard DM/ Anchor man here, I used sandro and huddlestone in rotation here.

CM .... I've tried loads of different settings from box to box to Advanced playmaker set to attack, I find it depends on your players, Deep lying playmaker and CM set to attack worked well in my setups. Can be set as playmaker.

AMC = Joins this attack and turns it into a 4-1-5 overloading the opposition when in possession, he should have decent finishing as he'll get many chances coming into the box late and even playing a makeshift striker role as he gets forward. Pastore, Hamsik,Aguero will excel here.

AML - Inside Forward = For this position i use a striker usually converted to AML, with good finishing/composure and pace. Babacar has been great in this role, especially as he gets older. Easy to find players here simply convert a right footed ST

AMR = Is set to winger but can also be changed to an inside forward depending on what you have, you need a left footed player to cut inside - Hulk would be a fine example for this. I prefer a player with high finishing composure with pace.

ST - The striker here is a complete forward he drops off the front and plays as a false nine although he will grab goals too, so preferably a decent passer/finisher. If you have a forward with good strength you can use hold up ball, sometimes however this slows up counters and can be counter productive.

Conceeding goals by teams getting behind you? Drop the defensive line a couple of notches ( top teams will be fine for weaker teams this may be a must?)

I recommend this for better sides as i've yet to test it with smaller teams, also im unsure if lower league teams would have the technical abilities to play this kind of passing game you'd probably be ok with a decent championship side.

Im open to suggestions and idea's as always, you could say its still in testing as im always looking to improve upon it, despite it working pretty perfectly after a season or two.


Download Pylon V1.1:

Pylon V1.1
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Posted on the proper downloads and tactics page:
When I import the tactic in the game it doesn't load up the team instructions just leaves it as most of them being balanced and what not. Any help with this?
Try restarting your game, its a known bug and happens with imported formations sometimes. I've downloaded and tested this and its working for me and friends so its not the file.
I've restarted the game numerous times as well as turning off my laptop about 5 times. I know it's not the tactic as the player roles are set as they should be. Could you perhaps post a screenshot of the Team Instructions?
Added Team instructions for you, the player instructions are fine i hope! - don't worry about it being middlesborough im currently testing it a bit with them.
Thank you very much, I shall try it out with Porto, and maybe QPR (since they're my team after Newcastle). I'll post results and feedback later :)
Quick update i started a middlesborough save, doing ok up until now one loss against leicester in the league due to me making a lot of changes to first team, other than that all good so far ill update when i finish the season. I dropped the defensive line on a few occasions away mostly.
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Will definitely test this, looks really great, amazing work, will report back with results later :D
Just a small update and i realized id made the error of uploading a previous tester version of this tactic and not the finished article.... Stupid me.

Anyway I've re-uploaded the correct version, so to reitterate this is the right version and the one i uploaded originally wasn't correct and could cause some problems.... Sorry for that.

Changes: DMC set to Anchor Man, Zonal Marking, Tight Marking = No.
Complete forward changed Hold up ball to No.
Gravy - thanks for sharing the tactic, it looks great... fantastic results!

I can't access the file, not sure if it's waiting to be approved or something? Would you mind adding another download link to an external one... mediafire for example?
I've put another download link in the OP. The one at base is probably still waiting to be approved.
Thanks Mate!

For the Right Winger you say you need someone who can cut inside and use their left foot - but in your screenshot you have Lennon?

Is this only if you changed it to be an inside forward?
Yes, basically because theres not so many inside forwards who have good finishing composure and pace with a left foot to cut inside (unless you have plenty of money) this is optional, Winger gets about the same results though usually getting more assists as being right footed he can cross naturally on his right foot when he gets into dangerous areas.
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So another update, i finished testing with middlesbrough and its not too bad, sometimes dropped the defensive line away when teams were getting in because of the high def line, I wasn't as happy with the def as it could have been a lot better, i think its due to the lack of pace. Also my team missed so many CCC's it was annoying at times, I kinda rushed through the testing though using standard training and i messed up some team talks on occasion.I didn't spend any of my transfer budget i got Maresca on a free and Macheda in Jan on loan. Still not bad...
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Your results are very very good there mate!

I tried it for at least 15 games with Leeds in my save (first season) and it did ok - not bad, not great but ok... but this is because I'd made my squad for a completely different formation, and the players just didn;t fit.

I haven't given it a very fair test, but your results speak for themselves - so well done!

Would it be an idea to release the tactic with the wingers roles swapped? So people who have a right winger who is left footed can accommodate this without playing around with the settings?

People will be like me - they like tactics to be as 'plug & play' as possible - just a thought... would certainly help me! :)
If you want you can reverse the roles all you need to do is change the inside forward to winger and vice versa and its done, I've tried to make it so you can change roles relatively easily within the formation so you can do it easy manually.

For me the tactic isn't omfg win 8-0 with york city against arsenal its more for the way the team plays its nice passing, fast countering and beautiful football for the most part thats why i hesistate to say its not suited for all teams, certainly works well once your teams setup to it though as my Roma save shows.