Great dilemma, club wants me as their new manager


Nov 7, 2010
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I have a bit of a problem I was hoping somebody might help me with.
The situation is this: I've been managing Malmö FF in the Swedish Premier Division for two seasons now, and I'm heading for my 2nd consecutive league victory. I was having plans of moving on after this, and then Charlton approached me in the end of the season, asking me to be their new manager. It was just the opportunity i hoped for, but, my transfer date for this would be at the end of the season, the same day as i play my last game as Malmö manager, and also the day I will possibly secure the league title. If I accept the offer, which I really badly wish to do, I won't receive my league title (being just one game away from having it) which I equally badly want to have. Is there any way of rescheduling matches, delaying transfer dates or just anything that can make it so that i can win the league as well as completing my transfer to Charlton?

thanks in advance
had a thought about asking them (Charlton) to delay, a couple of times in a row. though, as I've still got a month left of the season, I don't think they have enough patience.
thanks anyway, now i just got to clear my head and make the decision! even if doing both is kind of tempting, i feel like i've gotta chose my destiny here...
can you not delay your contract talks till end of season?
win the title with malmo then a better job opportunity may arise :)
anyway, i've had a night good sleep to make my mind up now... though that hasn't given me any clarity when it comes to finding a solution. delaying the contract talks to end of the season doesn't seem possible i'm afraid.
right know i think charlton is the better choice. they have a great financial situation (rich iranian owners or something), which makes me think that bringing them from league one to the premier league might be a pretty realistic task within a couple of years. that would raise my reputation greater than if i would take a "halfway-job" after grabbing the title with malmö, for example a job in Holland, Portugal, or Greece.
But I'm going to think another couple of hours before i make my decision...