Great Players?


Nov 22, 2006
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Who are the greatest players on the game. Consistency/ potential/ stats .... etc. Shout out your suggestions. Chelsea players not included please! They are all knobs!
The greatest players on the game are obvious to be honest, just sort them by value and the class acts are all there, even some of those Chelsea knobs you wish not to include.
fair play, but i thought that there might be a few unknown gems in the mixer some where!
Momo Sissoko - absolute gem. Super
Jamie Carrahgher - GOD
Daniel Agger - great young centre back, very reliable
Steven Gerrard - i dont have to say much....its Stevie G after all
Dirk Kuyt - 30 goal a season striker
Joe Cole (hes no ****! just a stupid *******!!)
Marcelo - explosive left back/wing back, with goals in him
Rafinha - great crosser and passer, can get a few goals aswel
Oscar Ustari - commanding goalkeeper
Harry Kewell (he really is)
Gonzalo Higuain - good player
Mark Gonzalez - super player, flying machine.
Liverpool Fan by any chance? Not sure about Kuyt, but whatever blows your hair back!