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Hello , In this thread List the 5 greatest Performers in any of your careers and list why .

Here's Mine ..

1.Vincenzo Laquinta Why : He Banged In 35 Goals On My First Fm06 Season
2.Carlos Magno : Great Cheap Buy Always Consistent Sold Him To Barca 18.75mil
3.Sergey Kisily : cost me 140k After his debut for belarus and 40 under 18 goals value rised to 7.75mil
4.Hans Vonk : A key peformer in my rise as charlton manager to 2nd
5.Gary Neville : Never Fails !
  1. Xavi: constantly over 40 assists in each season
  2. Adriano: Bangs them in left right and centre
  3. Edilson: Brilliant, great value as well.
  4. Leonardo: 14 year old goalkeeper from Sao Paulo, a class act.
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Gianpaolo Pazzini why? Just can't stop scoring.
Simao why? Tons of assists
Nik Besagno why? Fantastic defender a couple of years in.
Tomas Sivok why? Just fantastic all round and buries some screamers...
Hatem Ben Arfa - Only guy I always try to sign. Absolutely brilliant player, can do pretty much everything. :)

arfa ;)


fred (lyon - scores for fun)
zuniga (15, almost free, great potential)
diop (cheap if they let him go and just gets 8's+ all the time and scores loads of headers)
arenas (awesome young cheap keeper)

im rarely massive clubs so mine are quite modest (im not just liverpool ;))
My teams always rule anyway, so I can't single out 5. :D
1) Fred from lyon, why because he dosent ever stop coring or get injured touch wood
2) Xavi consistent and one of the best midfield players ever
3)Podolski, Maybe be German and look like a horse but with a games to goal ration of 32 in 21 last season gotta be in the list
4) Simao, god down the right and left wings never stops
5)Matthew Taylor from Portsmouth, may sound an odd choice but he's played left back for my Barcelona team for 8 seasons now has won everthing with me and never has a bad game and for 5 mi9ll is a bargain
1)Cisse: Because the guy never stops scoring
2)Sivok: Very Solid, always puts in fantastic performances
3)Vanden Borre: Very very consistant
4)Ibrahimovic: unstoppable goal scorrer, scored 82 goals for me!!
5)Martin Petrov: this guy gets soo many Assists, and scores alot to, possibly the best left sided player in the game!!
This ain't in any order but mine are: -

1 - Simon Vukcevic - Love him, plenty of goals most of them from range!!
2 - Diego (Porto) - Great player maker and gets goals!!
3 - Hatem ben Arfa - Legend after a few seasons!!
4 - Javier Mascherano - Consistently good!!
5 - Sergey Kisliy - Always try to sign him, prolific scorer afta a few seasons!!
Favourite 5

Omar Bravo from Guadalaraja in Mexico: He scored 39 goals in his first season on Real Madrid and he is a very fast striker.
Daniel van Buyten: A very good defender, scored 19 goals and he's good at heading
Wesley Snejder: He made 43 assists in his first Real Madrid season and he scored 23 goals(15 out of Free Kicks)
Lebohang Mokoena from Orlando Pirates in South Africa: He's a very good ally of Omar Bravo, scored 29 goals and made 15 assists
Dimitris Papadopoulus: My defenders obtained no goal until I played against Panathinaikos, he scored 3 goals, then I engaged him and he scored 35 goals in a half season for Real Madrid