Jul 16, 2012
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Just finished season 17/18 with Real Madrid and decided to sell Benzema due to him being just garbage. Im using a 442 as follows:

Morata Ronaldo
Asensio Casemiro Kroos James
Marcelo Ramos Varane Azpilicueta

Although, now I need to replace Benz. The striker role im using is a DLF. I tried getting Dybala but Juventus just flat out refuses. Had bids up to £130 rejected for him.

So now it stands between Inters Icardi and Chelseas Griezmann.

Ive reached an agreement with both clubs and both players.

Griezmann, 27, is offered 200k a week, but Im paying £100 mil for him in total.
Icardi, 25, is offered 325 k a week, but im just paying £80 mil in total.

Pros for Icardi
- Less expensive transfer
- Younger
- Best poacher in the game
- Has agreed to be a rotation player

Cons for Icardi
- Higher wage
- Less versatile
- Not super good in other areas of his game besides scoring

Pros for Griezmann

- Lesser wage
- Versatile as he can play on the wing (although I got Bale/Asensio on the left wing)
- More allround attacking player as he can pass, create goals and score

Cons for Griezmann
- Older than Icardi
- Higher transfer
- Is expecting i first team spot

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Who would you pick?
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