Aug 15, 2010
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Recently I have been trying my hand at editing by making a completely new team. The problem I faced was that there were a lot of things I needed to fill in that I did not understand. This got even worse when it came to creating staff members and players. The idea then came to me that it would be nice if a more experienced editor(s) in the FM-base community could through together a nice guide on creating teams/players/etc. for the editor. Just some basic explanations of what each feature does and what do some things mean. I think this would be very helpful for people, like me, who want to try their hand at editing.

So would it be possible for someone to throw something like that together? Or does one already exist?
If something like this didn't already exist, then I'd also like to request this. Would be a good thing to do :).
I think there is one on FM Fanboys. Not sure if that is for 10, but you should check it out anyway.